2 vCPU Cores

2 GB

20 GB

2 TB

BDT 2400/month

4 vCPU Cores

4 GB

40 GB

4 TB

BDT 4800/month

8 vCPU Cores

8 GB

80 GB

8 TB

BDT 7400/month

All VPS Servers Included

DDoS Protection
DDoS Protection

Protection against all known attacks up to 10 Gbps, our network protects from over 95% of the most common DDoS attacks

Control Panel
Control Panel

Option to Reboot, Re Install OS or VNC the VPS.

BDIX Enable
BDIX Enable

We have peering with Multiple NIX Operators of Bangladesh at 40 Gbps Port Each.

Full Root Access
Full Root Access

The full power of the server! Having root access to the server gives you the ability to take full control of your server.